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The health bar. Main health is displayed in green. Extra armor is displayed in blue.

Health is a critical factor in Health determines the amount of damage an entity is able to sustain. When the health of any entity reaches 0, it dies. Health will regenerate automatically if no damage is taken in a certain amount of time.

Player health[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tools#Shield

The screen that appears when the player's health reaches 0.

The player's health is represented by the green bar in the lower-right corner of the screen. It is also represented directly below the character. When it reaches zero, the player will die and respawn at the location of the Gold Stash (if no Gold Stash is placed, a random location will be chosen), and all bought Tools will be lost but 75% of Resources will be saved.

The health of the player may be increased by purchasing extra Armor in the Shop. When Armor is bought, a blue bar will appear directly above your main health. This blue bar, which represents your armor points, will be the first to take damage, and once that reaches zero, then your main health will begin to take damage. NOTE: The shield will only protect you from zombies. Being attacked by a base or other players will drain your main health even if your shield is full!

Your health (but not shield health!) can be instantly regenerated with the use of a HealthPotion.png Health Potion.

Pet health[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pets

Pets also have their own health. They do not have armor upgrades like players do. A pet's health is increased with each level, and higher level pets are able to withstand quite a beating from zombie swarms. If your pet dies, it can be revived after a few seconds, which is a short delay.

Pet health can be instantly regenerated with the use of a PetPotion.png Pet Potion.

Enemy health[edit | edit source]

Like players and pets, Enemies also have their health represented as a bar below them. However, this bar is colored red. Exact numbers are unknown. Monsters have a fixed amount of health. Zombies' health increases every wave. Bosses spawn with an extremely large amount of health, which requires focused fire from most towers to defeat. The health of bosses also increases over time, requiring stronger weapons and buildings to deal with it.

Building health[edit | edit source]

Main article: Buildings

Maintaining building health is important for survival in the game, especially that of the Gold Stash, because if the health of your Gold Stash reaches 0, you will receive a game over screen and have to start the game at wave 0 again. However, you will still keep 75% of your resources upon the Gold Stash's death, letting you not have to farm any resources if you have enough, as well as making it a bit easier to make a base after your Gold Stash dies. Other types of buildings can be replaced after being destroyed, but at the cost of precious time and resources. Health is increased with every tier. Some buildings, such as Walls and Melee Towers, have more health than others.
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