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Melee Tower is a type of building in Unlike other towers, it can only aim in one direction, and it has the smallest range in the game. To make up for that, it does more damage than any other tower. When placing the Melee Tower, press R to choose the direction it will aim.

Description[edit | edit source]

"High damage, single target, close-range directional tower."

  • Requires 10 Wood and 10 Stone to create.
  • Can have up to 6 (per party member) of this building type at a time.
Tier Image Cost Stats
Wood Stone Gold Gold Health Damage Range
I Tier I Melee Tower 10 10 - 200 50 110
II Tier II Melee Tower 25 20 100 400 80 110
III Tier III Melee Tower 30 30 200 800 200 110
IV Tier IV Melee Tower 40 40 600 1,200 280 110
V Tier V Melee Tower 50 60 1,200 1,600 500 110
VI Tier VI Melee Tower 70 80 2,000 2,200 1,000 110
VII Tier VII Melee Tower 300 300 8,000 4,000 2,000 110
VIII Tier VIII Melee Tower 800 800 35,000 9,000 3,000 110

Strategy and Use[edit | edit source]

  • Melee Towers can attack from behind walls, but it is usually better to place them at the front, to weaken zombies.
  • Best for placement in corners and at entrances to your base.
  • Melee Towers are best used as cleanup; their short range but high damage and fast reload makes them particularly effective at defeating any survivors of a particularly large wave, as Arrow Towers cannot defeat multiple enemies at once, Mage Towers cannot be used effectively at long range, and Bomb Towers usually reload too slowly to deal with waves large enough to survive the first bomb. Melee Towers have enough health, damage, and reload speed to take care of these zombies, as they will usually still be weakened. Although they are only able to target one zombie at a time, their damage is high enough to take out a zombie fairly quickly.
  • Melee towers are very useful at narrow passages and all around your base, finishing off any zombies that reach the walls. This also gives you more time to upgrade walls (if possible) or place another defense.
  • Melee Towers are also good for stalling zombies, as they do enough damage to wipe out part of a horde. They can't be fully relied on, however, as the zombies will eventually defeat them with sheer numbers.
  • Melee Towers aren't always effective against other players due to the players being able to buy the Bow; the Melee Towers will be taken out without the player ever getting close to them (and therefore damaged). However, if a player is forced close, or the melee Tower is placed suddenly, the opposing player will either die or be forced to retreat, as Melee Towers do very high damage. Retreating also forces the opposing player to deal with long ranged turrets, such as Arrow Towers and Bomb Towers.

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