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This menu displays how many resources are owned, along with the current zombie wave.

Resources in are the basic materials used to construct buildings and buy upgrades.

Resources can be harvested by hitting trees or rocks with a pickaxe, having resource harvesters, or by killing bosses.

Upon death, players lose 100 % of their currently owned resources. They will lose the same percentage of resources when the Gold Stash dies (thus making it easier to build a base after the Gold Stash's death and not worrying about farming resources at all).

Wood[edit | edit source]


Gathered from trees with a pickaxe or resource harvester.

Used to build all buildings, towers and for all upgrades except for gold stash and walls over tier 1.

You can get the majority of your wood by placing a resource harvester at a tree.

Stone[edit | edit source]


Gathered from rocks with a pickaxe or resource harvester.

Used to build all buildings and for all upgrades; beside gold stash, walls tier I and walls over tier 2.

You can get the majority of your stone by placing a resource harvester at a rock.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Gold Obtained in small quantities for defeating zombies. Bosses drop large quantities of gold; hundreds of thousands in later waves.

Generated by gold mines.
Image Tier Gold per second Gold maximum per day
Mine1.PNG 0 0 0
Mine2.PNG 2 6 99999,99
Mine3.PNG 3 7 99999,99
Mine4.PNG 4 10 9,600
Mine5.PNG 5 12 11,520
Mine6.PNG 6 15 14,400
Mine7.PNG 7 25 24,000
Mine8.png 8 35 33,600

Used for every building upgrade above tier 1, and for all items in the shop (excludes the hats and pets).

Tokens[edit | edit source]

Monster Stone

Tokens Earned when defeating monsters, which are summoned by Monster Stones and respawn quickly. Note that right now monsters are giving only experience as tokens have limited use.

Mainly obtained by killing bosses, which spawn every 8 waves until wave 121: 100 tokens for bosses before wave 80, then 200 each.

Used to evolve pets in the shop.

There is a known glitch in the game where tokens are NOT being spent when evolving pets in the shop.

We do agree it's annoying at times when using tokens to upgrade Pets , but you're stuck with it.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Place resource harvesters on rocks and trees to get the majority of resources!!

Always place 8 gold mines so that you can earn maximum gold. If you place three or four, it will be cheaper this way, but you will earn less gold which makes the base upgrade progress relatively longer.
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