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This menu displays how many resources are owned, along with the current zombie wave.

Resources in Zombs.io are the basic materials used to construct buildings and buy upgrades.

Resources can be harvested by hitting with a tool specific game objects (trees, rocks) or by killing specific enemies (bosses).

Upon death, players lose 30% of their currently owned resources.

Wood[edit | edit source]


Gathered from trees with an axe.

Used to build all buildings, towers and for all upgrades; beside gold stash and walls over tier I.

Stone[edit | edit source]


Gathered from rocks with an axe.

Used to build all buildings and for all upgrades; beside gold stash, walls tier I and walls over tier II.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Gold Obtained in small quantities for defeating zombies. Bosses drop large quantities of gold; hundreds of thousands in later waves.

Generated by gold mines:

  • Mine1.PNG Tier I: 4 gold/s, for a maximum of 3.840 gold/day.
  • Mine2.PNG Tier II: 6 gold/s, for a maximum of 5.760 gold/day.
  • Mine3.PNG Tier III: 7 gold/s, for a maximum of 6.720 gold/day.
  • Mine4.PNG Tier IV: 10 gold/s, for a maximum of 9.600 gold/day.
  • Mine5.PNG Tier V: 12 gold/s, for a maximum of 11.520 gold/day.
  • Mine6.PNG Tier VI: 15 gold/s, for a maximum of 14.400 gold/day.
  • Mine7.PNG Tier VII: 25 gold/s, for a maximum of 24.000 gold/day.
  • Mine8.png Tier VIII: 35 gold/s, for a maximum of 33.600 gold/day.

Used for every building upgrade above tier I, and for all items in the shop (excludes the Hats and Pets).

Tokens[edit | edit source]

Monster Stone

Tokens Earned when defeating monsters, which are summoned by Monster Stones and respawn quickly. Note that right now monsters are giving only experience as tokens have limited use.

Mainly obtained by killing bosses, which spawn every 8 waves until wave 96: 100 tokens for bosses before wave 80, then 200 each.

Used to evolve pets in the shop.

Tokens are currently not being spent when evolving pets.

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