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The in-game toolbar.

Tools in are items used to gather resources and to attack hostiles.

Some tools are better suited for different tasks.

It is possible to buy or upgrade tools in the Shop.

Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

Used for gathering resources from trees and rocks.

Tier I is given as beginning tool for free.

Even if low damage, can be safely used as weapon in the early waves.

Tier Image Cost Damage Harvest Attack Speed
I Tier I Pickaxe Free 20 1 3.33
II Tier II Pickaxe 1,000 Gold 20 2 3.33
III Tier III Pickaxe 3,000 Gold 20 2 3.51
IV Tier IV Pickaxe 6,000 Gold 20 3 4
V Tier V Pickaxe 8,000 Gold 20 3 5
VI Tier VI Pickaxe 24,000 Gold 20 4 5
VII Tier VII Pickaxe 90,000 Gold 20 6 5

Spear[edit | edit source]

Melee weapon with high attack speed.

While potentially being the top DPS weapon, it has the downside of exposing the player to enemies attacks too.

It is good practice to attack zombies from behind and not being too close to them (thanks to the 2 tiles range) to avoid receiving damage.

Tier Image Cost Damage Range Attack Speed
I Tier I Spear 100 Gold 30 100 4
II Tier II Spear 400 Gold 80 100 4
III Tier III Spear 3,000 Gold 120 100 4
IV Tier IV Spear 5,000 Gold 300 100 4
V Tier V Spear 25,000 Gold 2,000 100 4
VI Tier VI Spear 35,000 Gold 8,000 100 4
VII Tier VII Spear 90,000Gold 10,000 100 4

Bow[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapon that needs to be activated every shoot: unlike the other tools, action button can't be pressed to keep attacking.

This weapon is the best for range and accuracy. It also has a good damage growth, making it the best choice against bosses.

It's very good in early game to hunt monsters safely and later to fight against other players.

Tier Image Cost Damage Attack Speed
I Tier I Bow 100 Gold 20 2
II Tier II Bow 400 Gold 40 2
III Tier III Bow 2,000 Gold 100 2
IV Tier IV Bow 7,000 Gold 300 2
V Tier V Bow 24,000 Gold 2,400 2
VI Tier VI Bow 30,000 Gold 10,000 2
VII Tier VII Bow 90,000 Gold 14,000 2

Bomb[edit | edit source]

Short range AoE weapon.

Can hit many targets if they are close one another. It's safer than the spear to use against hordes because of its range, but also has a slower attack rate.

Tier Image Cost Damage Range Attack Speed
I Tier I Bomb 100 Gold 10 700 2
II Tier II Bomb 400 Gold 30 700 2
III Tier III Bomb 3,000 Gold 80 700 2
IV Tier IV Bomb 5,000 Gold 150 700 2
V Tier V Bomb 24,000 Gold 1,200 700 2
VI Tier VI Bomb 50,000 Gold 6,000 700 2
VII Tier VII Bomb 90,000 Gold 9,000 700 2

Health Potion[edit | edit source]


Fully restore the player's health upon use. Costs 100 Gold.

Only one can be owned at a time, but can be bought unlimited times. NOTE do not be confused between ruby bomb

Pet Potion[edit | edit source]


Fully restore the active pet's health upon use. Costs 100 Gold.

Only one can be owned at a time, but can be bought unlimited times.

Whistle[edit | edit source]


Owned since the beginning, this tool is used to stop the current pet's task and recall him.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

Special abilities are passive effects that grant the player certain boosts for a period of time. They are displayed to the right of the toolbar when in use.

Shield[edit | edit source]


Grants player's protection against zombie attacks, absorbing damage. It won't mitigate any PvP damage.

It automatically regenerates its health in time if not damaged for some seconds (recharge delay). Any damage during the regeneration will stop it.

Tier Image Cost Health Recharge Delay
I Tier I Shield 1,000 Gold 500 10s
II Tier II Shield 3,000 Gold 1,000 9s
III Tier III Shield 7,000 Gold 1,800 8s
IV Tier IV Shield 14,000 Gold 4,000 7s
V Tier V Shield 18,000 Gold 10,000 6s
VI Tier VI Shield 22,000 Gold 20,000 6s
VII Tier VII Shield 24,000 Gold 35,000 6s
VIII Tier VIII Shield 30,000 Gold 50,000 6s
IX Tier IX Shield 45,000 Gold 65,000 6s
X Tier X Shield 70,000 Gold 85,000 6s

Timeout[edit | edit source]


Essentially calls off the next zombie wave, giving you time to rebuild or gather resources without much worry. Used immediately when bought, and has a one-day cooldown. Costs 10,000 Gold

Invulnerability[edit | edit source]


This ability is given to all players for the first 30 seconds of gameplay, to prevent spawn-killing. Grants the player immunity against all damage. However, when a player attacks, this ability is taken from the player.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though a weapon might say "8000 damage" it does NOT do that to players , it scales up , eg 18 damage , upgrade the weapon and you got 22 to a player , etc
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